Tender Publisher

Clients can add their procurement documents to their tender notices on the Tender Noticeboard. This will make the procurement document accessible to anyone who wishes to have a copy.

Downloads of the procurement documents are tracked so that the client can tell how many people have downloaded the documents, and who they are.  Site clarification meeting details can be included in the notice, and the arrangements included on the Tender Noticeboard. Addenda can be added to the Tender Publication at any time, together with the documentation that relates to that Addendum.

Any notices that are published too close to the closing date, or the site clarification meeting, will pop up a warning about the rules set by the CIDB, if times are too short.

This has been updated and  incorporated into our SABEeX Delivery Management System, and has been developed to make the tender publishing process easy, efficient, cost effective, and also keeps an audit trail. See here