Document Compiler

The SABEeX Document Compiler has been developed specifically for procurement documents, and provides the most integrated way of developing excellent procurement documents quickly, effectively and accurately. This is the only tool that will provide precise and accurate control over procurement document templates, ensuring that only the current templates are used.  The requirement for sophisticated experts to put documents together is no longer with the SABEeX Document Compiler! The decision over what must be included, may be included and what options can be chosen lies with the experts who prepare the templates, and the control over changes to these lies in the SABEeX Document Compiler. This means that drafting of procurement documents can now be done by those who require the works, product, or services, rather than a team of experts. Workflow capability is built into the SABEeX Document Compiler, and is a native part of the way that documents can be prepared in complex organisations which require approvals before documents can be published. The SABEeX Document Compiler is just as easy to use by those who do a simple, once-off procurement document for a client that does not require a system to track approvals or progress.

Tender Noticeboard

We have developed a unique manner of advertising your tender notices. The notice is added to our website and published to all those registered who are interested in the line of work advertised. Clients can advertise their tenders at any time, and amend the advert when needed. 

Tender Publication

Clients can add their procurement documents to their tender notices on the Tender Noticeboard. This will make the procurement document accessible to anyone who wishes to have a copy. Downloads of the procurement documents are tracked so that the client can tell how many people have downloaded the documents, and who they are.  Site clarification meeting details can be included in the notice, and the arrangements included on the Tender Noticeboard. Addenda can be added to the Tender Publication at any time, together with the documentation that relates to that Addendum. Any notices that are published too close to the closing date, or the site clarification meeting, will pop up a warning about the rules set by the CIDB, if times are too short.

Tender Box (New!!)

Why require a physical delivery of a tender document if you can accept it electronically? Physical delivery requires that documents are printed, properly bound, carefully enclosed in an envelope, correctly annotated and must be delivered to the single tender box at the client's address. The ability of getting a tender in sometimes relates to how quickly you are able to drive! Electronic submissions eliminate all the pitfalls of physical tender delivery, making it cheaper and greener to submit a tender. The SABEeX Tender Box further ensures that submissions are correctly received, and cannot be tampered with before opening, or afterwards. Only authorised persons from the client will have access to submissions, and only after the closing time, ensuring transparency in the process. All information is secured away from prying eyes, ensuring that there is no compromise in tender submissions being leaked to the opposition.  Evaluation panels can have access to all submissions, no matter where the individuals are located, reducing the requirement for meetings, and large secure rooms where the evaluations have to be done.