SABEeX was established in 2001, with the intention of providing procurement and training support to the construction industry.

  • We have provided training to government, parastatals and private organisations
  • We have developed procurement systems for public sector bodies
  • We have supported public sector clients in developing excellence in their procurement documents
  • We have supported public sector clients in complying with the CIDB requirements.

A new start in 2013

In 2013, a new start began for SABEeX. Alain Jacquet took the helm on a full time basis to develop systems and offer specialist procurement services to the industry. The eisiting Document Compiler is still available to anyone who needs to prepare quality basic procurement documentation at very affordable rates, whilst still maintaining the highly specialised support provided to existing clients that require a little more sophistication in their procurement documents, customised templates, workflow and dedicated guidance in how to optimise their procurement options. Since then, the focus has been placed on managing the procurement processes and procedures, and establishing systems that facilitate the increasing complexity of the delivery process. The SABEeX Delivery Management System has been developed in response to the need to standardise and facilitate the Supply Chain Managers' function, whilst still maintianing the integrity and audit trails needed in the public sector. 

Support networks

SABEeX has internal expertise to provide best practices in procurement. However we realise that our experience will always be limited, so we have built up a wide network of specialist associates with specific expertise, who can be called on for advice. This network extends to various parts of South Africa, as well as international linkages.  


The resources section of our website contains a wide array of information related to the procurement process, contractor development and best practices. This proves invaluable in providing a quick and easy way of finding the original gazettes, publications and rules that govern public sector procurement in the South Africa construction industry, as well as interesting information on alternative ways of getting things done. The Glossary of Terms will help to clear out the jargon, and make the subject understandable. The FAQs will resolve many of the queries you may encounter, but you can also just Ask the Expert, and get a tailored private response from us.